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2021 Amendment to the 2016 Youth Selection Policy

  • 2021/11/08
  • Chess SA

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the scarcity of over the board chess tournaments in the past junior cycle (1st October 2020 – 30th September 2021), there were significant challenges in applying and amending the junior selection policy for the selection of players to the 2022 SAJCCC.

These challenges centre on the activity requirement to be selected to the closed, which is 40 games according to the current Youth Selection policy. Due to the pandemic very few players would qualify if we were to use the Selection policy as is, thus the Youth Selection Committee made amendments to accommodate the greatest number of players possible, whilst not disadvantaging those who have made efforts to participate and meet the activity requirements.

Amendments are...

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2022 CHESS SA Calendar

  • 2022/01/19
  • Chess SA

The event calendar of Chess SA for 2022 is now published.
The calendar can also be accessed via the menu item above: General | Calendar.

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Recent articles

Critical Thinking

  • 2021/02/17
  • Halima Lagerdien

If you loved the QUEEN'S GAMBIT, you'll love this: Based on a true story, CRITICAL THINKING sees John Leguizamo starring in and directing this inspirational high school drama. Despite the hardships his students face, Leguizamo's character teaches them to rise above it all through chess. Don't miss CRITICAL THINKING - In cinemas, 26 February!

Watch movie trailer.

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Paradigm Chess30

  • 2020/09/28
  • Craig Willenberg and Lourenzo van Niekerk

The Paradigm Chess30 concept is an enhancement of MRL Chess Paradigm. The MRL Chess Paradigm concept was originally introduced to minimise the excessive number of draws, which occur in normal (classical) chess.

With its set eight starting positions (derived from Fisher Random Chess) together with the applicable dynamic rules ("anti-draws"), the MRL Chess Paradigm concept encouraged chess players to display their strategical creativity, especially in the opening phase of the game. The MRL Chess Paradigm version of the game made for many an exciting duel between chess players, which magnified the need for principled play in chess.

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North-West University Chess Cub

  • 2020/05/02
  • Natalie Thysse

The North-West University (NWU), Potchefstroom campus Chess club is about influencing people to enjoy the game of kings and queens.

One of the best chess players from the NWU Potchefstroom campus is Marcques Hansen. Hansen competed in 12 South African Junior Chess Championships and five South African Junior Closed Championships. The NWU Potchefstroom campus Chess team also competed in the 2019 University Sports South African (USSA) competition where Hansen achieved 9th place. As second-year BEd Intermediate phase student, Hansen, believes that the best part about competing is the challenge of each game, the people you meet and the ultimate thrill of the results after a complicated position in the game. "What matters is the knowledge you gain from every game, does not matter if you win or lose," Hansen said.

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UCT Chess Club

  • 2020/02/10
  • Ursula Hardie

It is with much pride that I can state that the Cape in many ways dominated USSA this year. UWC and UCT, though outshone by the highly trained TUTS (UP) players, in terms of numbers and growing strength the WP dominated South African University Chess in 2019.

Shaheed has already made an article on the results and overall experience of the USSA `19, so I will try to add a few more comments focused on player upsets, the Blitz etc.

USSA is a tournament that is difficult to predict due to ratings. For many universities this is one of the only tournaments that their players get to perform in. Hence, upsets and underestimation of lower rated players is prolific. For UCT this has caused pain for both the club and the other teams... but predominantly in favour of UCT.

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